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There are hundreds of individuals and companies selling stock training on the internet. It can be a daunting task to find the Stock Market training course that is right for you. Often times the training is merely a strategy which works some of the time, but causes losses most of the time. Brokers often offer free training but this education is often designed to make money for the broker, rather than the trader. Charting software companies also offers training but this is usually specifics on to how to use their charting software product, rather than a complete trading course for traders.
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Here are some tips on how to choose the right Stock Market Course for you:

1. It takes more than just a couple of strategies to be successful trading stocks. Regardless of whether you want to Position trade, Swing trade, or Day trade strategies by themselves will not make you consistently successful.

2. Decide what type of trader you are going to be:

2.a. Hobby Trader who trades for the fun of it. They are not concerned about making money consistently, and are satisfied with a success rate of 40-50%.

2.b. Part-Time Trader who wants to augment their income by trading one or two days a week. Part-Time Traders usually have a full time job, are retirees, or small business owners. Part-Time Traders need to find a course on Position Trading rather than attempting to learn Day, Swing, Futures, FOREX or other higher risk Trading Styles that have huge time demands.

2.c. Full-Time Trader who is trading stocks as a business. The IRS does have a classification for “Trading as a Business” where the Full-Time or Semi-Professional Trader treats his trading as a small business and can deduct trading expenses, computers, office space, etc. as business expenses.
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When you have chosen which type of trader you want to be, it will automatically eliminate many of the training offerings out on the internet. This is because most of the training on the internet including Webinars and live Seminars are not taught by Professionals with credentials, but are training created by Retail Traders. Unfortunately most Retail Traders do not have sufficient educational or financial market backgrounds to be able to teach other Retail Traders successfully. 

Ask for the credentials of the instructors, make sure they have more than just some personal trading experience. As an example, do they know the current Market Structure? Does the training cover the 9 Market Participant Groups, the 6 Market Conditions, Dark Pools, High Frequency Traders, and modern automated Market Order types? Often times what is being taught is a very basic Strategy that has no empirical evidence, OR that only works some of the time.

Here are additional tips on how to choose the right Stock Market Course, and reasons why it is important to get started in the right direction with the right course:

1. Everyone learns differently. Does the training have different formats so that you can choose what the right format is for your personal learning preferences.

2. What kind of Support, Guidance, Mentoring and other training assistance does the company provide? Is everything verbal, or do you get written documentation that you can refer to later on when you need to review?

3. Check out the person or company rating with the Better Business Bureau BBB. This is the best place to get information about a company, and how they treat their customers.

4. Be wary of money back guarantees. These are come-ons full of legal phraseology that limits the guarantee. Education is not something that is guaranteed. No university guarantees a graduate will get a job. So be suspicious of companies that do offer guarantees of trading performance.

5. How long ago was the training or theory of trading developed? The Stock Market has changed more in the past decade, than the prior 100 years. Using a strategy, theory, or investment advice written during the 1970’s, 80’s, or 90’s means using an outdated, obsolete training program. The market of those decades is long gone. Make sure the course you choose is current for the modern automated marketplace.
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How to choose the right Stock Market Course is also about the instructors and educators. Do they have an educational background? Does their training make sense and is it a complete process, and do you understand how they teach? All of this matters, because finding the right teacher makes a huge difference in your success.

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